Hi Bloggers! My name is Candice. I’m from Long Island, New York in a city called Syossett. I’m black and indian (syossett, black foot, and cherokee to be exact). Since I’m finally a senior, my goals are pretty obvious. I plan to pass AP Lit./Comp. with an A so I can graduate with an acedemic scholarship. 

Since the 4th grade, I knew what I wanted to do. I plan on owning my very own boutique and later having my clothing and jewlery line. This is why I want to major in business management and maybe have a minor for something along the lines of fashion. My two major colleges are Alabame A&M University and Valdosta State University. I’m a go-getter and now that I have all my plans in order, I strive to make every one come true. After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish and what good is that?

Sula’s Article.

In Toni Morrison’s Sula: A Satire On Binary Thinking, there are several examples, statements and arguments present in the text. Its’s main purpose was to explain to the readers how Toni Morrison wrote Sula. She wrote it in a way of binary thinking which means a pair of related terms or concepts are purposely opposite in meaning. It was written in a manner that doesnt give the reader the expected but instead gives you the complete opposite. In an interview with Nellie McKay she stated, “I don’t want to give my readers something to swallow. I want to give them something to feel and think about”. There were indeed many opinionated readers when it came down to how they felt about Morrison’s thinking. Morrison’s binary thinking made readers like myself form different opinions on how to interpretate different scenarios and situations.

With that being said, the article acheived its full purpose. She did exactly what she wanted and left her readers curious, on-edge and opinionated. It also shook up minds to get them thinking “hmm..”. Although there were some parts of Dryden’s theory that left me confused, I completely understood the other statements. The language and style being used obviously shows that the author was very intellectual. There were parts of the text that I felt had too much information but overall, I was left with complete knowledge and an understanding of the article and how Toni Morrison’s binary thinking methods work. It was neither this or that but it made me an analytical thinker and I’m sure that’s what Morrison wanted all along.